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Installed houses

Installed house 73 m2 “Relax”

73 м²

basic information

area 73 м²

location / city

Date of installation 05.2023

Installed sauna 23 m2

23 м²

basic information

area 23 м²

location / city

Date of installation 08.2023

The installed office measures 37 m2 in Warsaw

37 м²

basic information

area 37 м²

location / city Warsaw

Date of installation 02.2023

Installed house 54 m2

54 м²

basic information

area 54 м²

location / city

Date of installation 04.2023


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Why us?

We assemble houses at our own manufacture, deliver, and install them in Europe

We provide certificates that state the quality assurance of materials

Years of experience in the construction field


Specialists in the company


In touch with clients


Weeks to make a house



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How do we work?


We get in touch with you and help you to choose a modular house that suits all your needs.


Signing of the contract, which specifies the terms, payment conditions, and responsibilities of the parties


Manufacturing of the house according to the selected configuration


Delivery of the house to your site


Installation of the house on the prepared site with the connection of all utility systems

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What is the difference between a prefabricated house and an ordinary house?

It doesn’t take 1 to 2 years to build such a house. Sometimes, it takes up to ten years to build an ordinary home, and as they say: “Construction on the private plot is endless”. Prefabricated houses are built in 1-1.5 months and are ready for move-in immediately after the installation. The setup of a prefabricated house is cheaper than that of a brick or foam block home, if only because all the workers are employed by the company, and are doing their job.

Prefabricated houses Pros and Cons

Advantages of prefabricated houses: 1. The price is lower in comparison to standard houses. 2. Production speed until the point of move-in to a new home is 1-1.5 months. 3. Stylish and innovative design. The minuses would be the recommendation to not use gas connections and the difficulties that go with the transportation of the ready-built home.

How long can a prefabricated house last?

All of the products have their own proper use and maintenance instructions. With proper use prefabricated house, it will last a long time for you. This kind of home is designed to have a lifespan of 50 years. There are countries where modular houses have been standing for more than 100 years.

Which one is less expensive, the regular or the prefabricated home?

If we compare a conventional and prefabricated house of the same size, the savings on a prefabricated house will be from 25% to 50%. Savings are achieved through the use of new construction technologies.

Is a prefabricated house suitable for living immediately after the purchase?

You can move into the house right after it has been installed on the foundation and all of the utility systems have been connected

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Modular sauna 23 m2


We chose a modular bathhouse for some time because we already had a ready-made land plot. And we didn’t want to start any renovation work on the building, just to have some hassle. We decided on a modular bath because it is already compact. It is already fully constructed and ready for full use. We will pick up the finished facility, they will bring it to us, install it, and we will simply put it into operation. That’s why we chose Unitbud. They consulted us very well, considered all the points regarding the layout of the bathhouse.

Modular sauna 23 m2

Modular house 37 m2


I liked the modular house. I didn’t think it was possible to live comfortably in one of them. All doubts disappeared when I went inside. The house has good sound insulation, is warm and cozy, with plenty of space and comfortable furniture. There are different house models for different budgets, which is also cool. There’s plenty to choose from

Modular house 37 m2

Modular house 102 m2

Andrew Gaios

I drove past the exhibition center and saw modular homes from Unitbud. I went to take a look. Very cool, modern houses! The guys did a great job with the insulation and electrics. This is just great! Now my wife and I are considering the purchase of a 102 sq. m. house. From this company.

Modular house 102 m2

Modular house 37 m2

Yulia Vuitsyk

For a long time my husband and I were looking for a place to live. We had a small budget, but I really wanted to have my own home and not depend on anyone else. We looked through many websites, saw many offers and after a few months finally decided on a modular home from Unitbud. We doubted that the 37m2 house would be completed in the promised month, but we were wrong and the guys did everything on time. Once the house was installed, we moved our belongings and began to settle in. The cozy interior of the house and the bright kitchen made it not just a house, but a full-fledged fortress for our small family. I recommend the company

Modular house 37 m2

Modular house 54 m2

Olga Baginskaya

We inherited a plot of land from our parents. They had wanted to build a summer house for a long time, but could not decide to start construction. Frankly, there was no time to deal with all this, to go out of town, to control the processes. My husband showed me an advertisement from Unitbud about modular homes that he saw on the Internet. We thought for a few days and finally called a consultant. The guys invited us to the production site! I was amazed! I just fell in love with their houses! We chose the best one and ordered it. We are already looking forward to it!

Modular house 54 m2

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To manufacture modular houses we only use the best materials from world-famous brands, such as





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Prefabricated houses: why are they in demand?

House construction using classical technology is a slow process: it takes several months or, sometimes, even years to complete a project. However, the fast pace of modern life does not allow us to wait for so long. Unitbud offers to build prefabricated houses in kyiv or any other region of ukraine, spending about two months on the project.


Prefabricated houses: why are they in demand

What is the secret to the construction speed?

Significant delays in the construction of “conventional” facilities are caused by a large number of “wet” processes. The foundation is poured with concrete, which must harden, and paints, plasters, glues, and mastics must dry. During the construction of prefabricated buildings, the problem disappears – the facility is assembled from ready-made parts that are fastened by welding or hardware. The panel assembly can be carried out all year round, under any weather conditions.
There isn’t a need for a solid foundation – the prefabricated building is constructed of lightweight roofing and enclosing structures, which don’t create a heavy load on the soil. Prefabricated in advance in a warehouse, they can be quickly delivered to the construction site as part of a typical turnkey project. There isn’t a need for renting heavy equipment and for multiple trips to deliver materials, which determines the low cost of a modern prefabricated house. That is very attractive to the consumers.


Types of prefabricated houses

  • Prefabricated
    Buildings are assembled at the construction site using individual parts: The supporting frame, walls, floor, and roof. The parts are initially engineered in a certain design – it is a construction kit from which a fully-functional building can be assembled on-site. These types of prefabricated buildings are considered as production halls, warehouses and hangars, shopping centers and pavillions, sports complexes, exhibition centers, and cottages by the customers.
  • Modular buildings
    Consist of standard block containers, and each one of them theoretically can be used independently. In fact, one module is a ready-made prefabricated small building, with one room, and with the ability to connect several modules into a large, solid building. There aren’t any architectural delights to be expected from modular home solutions, however, it is possible to build a dormitory, office building, or camp from modular blocks in a matter of days.

Construction stages

When building this type of house, you need to go through the following stages:

  • Project developmentThe customer can choose one of the standard projects (it will be less expensive) or request a design of a custom solution that meets all of the individual requirements
  • Prefabricated
    Parts production. When implementing a standard project, this stage is not mandatory if the warehouse has everything you need.
  • The main construction
    work consists of the preparation of a lightweight foundation, the facility elements assembly, and the installation of the roof and façade.
  • Installation of
    engineering systems, doors, and other equipment. Commissioning of the facility.

Given the high-speed assembly, as well as the use of the standard frame elements and panels, the price of a modern prefabricated house will seem very favorable to the customer. Unitbud is happy to help with building it in the shortest time possible and is confident that the client will be satisfied with the result.