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Welcome to our company, the leader in modular construction!

We are a team of specialists who have made modular construction a true art. Our mission is to provide people with comfortable and affordable housing faster and more efficiently than ever before.

In our company we adhere to high standards of quality, innovative technology and sustainability. Our modular homes are not only functional and elegant in design, but also meet the strictest safety, energy efficiency and environmental standards.

Thanks to our individual approach and experience, we are able to realize any projects, from small houses for one client to large-scale complexes. We understand that each client has unique needs and budgets, so we work faithfully to provide you with the perfect home that meets your requirements.

Our team consists of experienced architects, engineers and master builders who have in-depth knowledge and years of experience in modular construction. We carefully control every step of the process, from design and production to delivery and installation. Our goal is to provide you with reliable and quality modular houses, which will become your comfortable home for years to come.

We also pride ourselves on our friendly and professional service that puts your needs first. Our specialists are always ready to consult you, help you choose the best project and answer all your questions.

If you are looking for a reliable partner to build your dream home – look no further! Contact our company and we will gladly translate your wishes into reality. With us you will get not just a house but a real house which you will be proud of.



Specialist in the design and implementation of modular structures





houses designed


Constructed high-rise buildings of 9 and 16 floors by monolithic technology in Kiev, Kharkov.
Built factories. Vibroseparator Zhitomir, VtorcherMed Zhitomir. Repair shops Malyshev Kharkov.
And much more.


Specialist in the design of buildings and structures





houses designed


Education: Kiev Polytechnic Institute
Large objects that I built:
– Base of building materials with an area of 2,500 m2 also arranged the territory of 4,000 m2.
– Toyota car center on Vatutina 55 Zhitomir
– Multistory buildings for various purposes.
– Stores, commercial premises.
– A large number of country houses
– HUNDREDS of metal structures and sandwich panels.
In Suma made more than 90 commercial sites


Specialist in design and force calculations of modular structures





houses designed


Currently, I focus on the design of modular buildings. I am responsible for creating innovative and functional spaces using modern technologies and concepts. The goal is to create living spaces that will meet the needs and budget of clients, providing comfort and aesthetic appeal.


Specialist in the design of modular structures





houses designed


Currently, the work is focused on the design of modular buildings, where innovative and efficient solutions for comfortable living are created. The goal is to design spaces that meet the needs of clients and contribute to the creation of functional and aesthetically pleasing environments.


Design of buildings and structures





houses designed


Now my task is to develop concepts for modular buildings. I am responsible for creating innovative and functional spaces using advanced technologies and modern concepts. The main goal is to create living spaces that meet the needs and budget of the clients, while providing comfort and aesthetic appeal.

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Modular sauna 23 m2


We chose a modular bathhouse for some time because we already had a ready-made land plot. And we didn’t want to start any renovation work on the building, just to have some hassle. We decided on a modular bath because it is already compact. It is already fully constructed and ready for full use. We will pick up the finished facility, they will bring it to us, install it, and we will simply put it into operation. That’s why we chose Unitbud. They consulted us very well, considered all the points regarding the layout of the bathhouse.

Modular sauna 23 m2

Modular house 37 m2


I liked the modular house. I didn’t think it was possible to live comfortably in one of them. All doubts disappeared when I went inside. The house has good sound insulation, is warm and cozy, with plenty of space and comfortable furniture. There are different house models for different budgets, which is also cool. There’s plenty to choose from

Modular house 37 m2

Modular house 102 m2

Andrew Gaios

I drove past the exhibition center and saw modular homes from Unitbud. I went to take a look. Very cool, modern houses! The guys did a great job with the insulation and electrics. This is just great! Now my wife and I are considering the purchase of a 102 sq. m. house. From this company.

Modular house 102 m2

Modular house 37 m2

Yulia Vuitsyk

For a long time my husband and I were looking for a place to live. We had a small budget, but I really wanted to have my own home and not depend on anyone else. We looked through many websites, saw many offers and after a few months finally decided on a modular home from Unitbud. We doubted that the 37m2 house would be completed in the promised month, but we were wrong and the guys did everything on time. Once the house was installed, we moved our belongings and began to settle in. The cozy interior of the house and the bright kitchen made it not just a house, but a full-fledged fortress for our small family. I recommend the company

Modular house 37 m2

Modular house 54 m2

Olga Baginskaya

We inherited a plot of land from our parents. They had wanted to build a summer house for a long time, but could not decide to start construction. Frankly, there was no time to deal with all this, to go out of town, to control the processes. My husband showed me an advertisement from Unitbud about modular homes that he saw on the Internet. We thought for a few days and finally called a consultant. The guys invited us to the production site! I was amazed! I just fell in love with their houses! We chose the best one and ordered it. We are already looking forward to it!

Modular house 54 m2