Exterior decoration options for modular homes

When designing buildings, the choice of materials for the facade of a building is very important. After all, this decision will affect both the appearance of the facade and the life of the building. Today we will look at the types of exterior wall decoration and the peculiarities of using each of them.

Materials for finishing the house facade

In the field of modular construction, there are many materials that are acceptable in terms of quality and performance. However, companies usually use three main types of materials for exterior decoration: false beams (imitation timber), HPL panels, and standing seam paintings. Let’s take a closer look at the main characteristics of each of them.

Why customers like imitation timber on the facade

The areas of application of raised beams are quite diverse. This material is used both in interior and exterior decoration. As a rule, it serves as a finishing coating, and modern technologies allow painting the panels in any color. The material looks very stylish and natural, because it seems that the facade is made of natural timber.

Imitation timber withstands temperature changes, and with additional antiseptic treatment, resistance to moisture, mold and fungi increases. False beams are environmentally friendly, as wood of different species is used in the production of panels. The service life without additional treatments is about 25-35 years. But the service life can be extended by coating the panels with wax solutions and protective oils.

Among the advantages of raised beams are the following:

  • ease of installation – the panels have easy-to-install dimensions (width – from 65 mm to 2 m and length – up to 6 m), they are connected by the “tongue and groove” method;
  • fastening is carried out on the crate, which allows you to add a layer of insulation between the frame and the false beam;
  • relatively low cost;
  • high level of sound and heat insulation;
  • versatility of use in construction.

Unfortunately, we can’t do without mentioning the disadvantages. False timber is a fire hazardous material, so the panels should be treated with special agents (flame retardants) before installation to reduce the likelihood of fire. In addition, the panels can rot and dry out over time. But with proper treatment, all these drawbacks can be minimized.

Standing seam paintings for facade decoration

Unfortunately, we cannot do without mentioning the disadvantages. False beams are fire hazardous materials, so before installation, the panels should be treated with special agents (flame retardants) to reduce the likelihood of fire. In addition, the panels can rot and dry out over time. But with proper processing, all these drawbacks can be minimized.

Advantages of standing seam coating:

  • long service life;
  • high reliability and tightness of the material;
  • resistance to natural factors (rain, snow, heat, frost, UV rays);
  • a variety of colors to realize the most daring ideas;
  • relatively light weight – easy to transport and install.

Among the disadvantages, we note the tendency to accumulate static charge, which is quite relevant during a thunderstorm. But a lightning rod will quickly solve this problem.

HPL panels

This type of home decoration is relatively new. The material is based on wood fibers. HPL panels are made of laminate on both sides. Therefore, such panels are characterized by strength and durability. The panels are quite easy to care for. They are quite large, so they can be installed faster than other materials. At the same time, the fasteners are hidden from view, which visually makes the facade one solid canvas. Modern technologies make it possible to apply a picture or pattern to the panels. This creates almost unlimited possibilities to create an original and unusual facade.

This type of facade decoration is distinguished by the following advantages:

  • resistance to moisture and mechanical damage;
  • light weight facilitates transportation;
  • panels do not conduct electric current;
  • a large number of colors and textures for the realization of any design ideas;
  • resistance to temperature changes.

Let’s also mention the disadvantages. HPL panels are quite expensive compared to their analogues. In addition, the large area of the sheets, which is their advantage, can also be attributed to disadvantages. The fact is that due to the size of the panels, there is an increased wind load. Therefore, it is very important to choose a strong and reliable fastener to the frame.

Comparison of finishing types

Among the wide variety of materials for exterior decoration, it can be difficult to make a suitable choice. The following table shows the main differences between facade materials.

Material characteristicsFalse beamFolded paintingsHPL panels
Environmental friendliness+++
СкладWood of various types (spruce, oak, pine)Metal sheets (aluminum, zinc, steel, copper)80% волокон целюлози, 20% термореактивних смол
CompositionHigh levelLow level, requires installation of additional sound and heat insulationВисокий рівень
Thermal insulationHigh levelВисокий рівень; структура панелей допомагає створити комфортний мікроклімат у приміщенні
Tendency to catch fireFire hazardous material, requires additional treatmentMetal does not burn or meltRelatively low capacity
Resistance to temperature and humidityProne to drying and decay, requires additional treatmentResilientHigh level of stability
CostRelatively low costRelatively low, the material complicates the work process, but does not affect the final costHigh
Service life (under manufacturer’s warranty)From 25-35 years oldFrom 50 years oldFrom 50 years old
AestheticsThe look of natural wood adds to the impression of an expensive and status coatingIt will help to create an original and modern loft-style facadeA variety of colors can add originality to the facade

Recommendations for choosing a house decoration material

If you’ve decided to order a house, you need to decide on several aspects to understand its final cost:

  • budget – you can create a project for every financial constraint;
  • house configuration – “Basic”, “Comfort”, “Premium”;
  • material for finishing the facade of a house.

Imitation timber on the exterior will be cheaper than its counterparts, but the service life will unfortunately be slightly shorter. Over time, the facade will have to be updated or reconstructed. Finishing with HPL panels will create an unusual design of the object and give you a strong and reliable house. But the cost of such a facade will be somewhat more expensive.

When choosing a house facade finish, we recommend that you also take into account the peculiarities of the weather conditions in your region. In areas with a lot of rain, you should choose finishes that are highly resistant to moisture. And in hotter areas with little shade, the finishing material should not be vulnerable to temperature changes and active sun.

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