Payment, delivery and installation

Payment for a modular house

Our company offers two main types of payment that give our customers flexibility when purchasing houses.

First option – “20% 60% 20%”

The first option of payment involves dividing the amount into three portions. Initially, the client pays 20% of the total cost of the selected house. This payment is confirmation of the order, and we begin the process of working on the house. After receiving this payment, our team begins the process of getting the materials and starts building the house.

The second payment of 60% of the total for the house is made when the construction process begins at the production site. This payment usually happens sometime after order confirmation, when we are ready to start the physical implementation of the project. This installment helps to cover the cost of materials, labor, and other expenses associated with building the home.

Finally, the final payment of 20% is done after the home is completely finished and ready for shipping and installation. This is the last installment, and it covers the rest of the balance on the house. The client has the opportunity to verify the quality and completion of construction before making this payment.

Second option – “50% на 50%”

The second option of payment, which we offer to our clients, allows you to divide the amount into two equal installments, which provides greater flexibility in financial planning.

The first payment in the amount of 50% of the total cost of the house is made at the time of signing the contract. This payment is important as it confirms the reservation of the house in the customer’s name, ensuring that the house of his choice will be his. After receiving this payment, our team begins the process of collecting all the necessary materials and begins the construction of the house according to the established schedule.

The final 50% of the payment is due after the house is completely finished at the factory and ready to be shipped and installed at the customer’s site. This is the final payment that must be made before you receive the keys to the house. Before accepting the final payment, we invite the client to inspect the house and make sure it fully meets their requirements, and complies with all the agreements. That allows the client to verify the quality and completion of the building before the final installment.

We understand that buying a home is an important financial decision for our customers, which is why we offer different payment options. This way they can choose the one that suits their abilities and requirements. Our goal is to provide maximum comfort and customer satisfaction during the home buying process.

Payment is made in national currency, which provides convenience and ease for customers. They can choose between cash or non-cash transfer depending on their preferences and abilities. For the convenience of some customers, we also accept payment in US dollars or Euros at the current exchange rate equivalent to the national currency. Our company’s first priority is customers’ interests and convenience, so we offer various payment options so that they can choose the most convenient one for themselves.


Delivery is not included in the cost of the house and is arranged by the customer. Upon the customer’s request, our company can provide delivery of our products throughout the territory of Ukraine using transportation companies as an additional service. In this case, the client can rely on us, and we will deliver the modular home directly to its installation site. The transportation company provides insurance for the integrity of the transported modules, which minimizes risks during transportation.

The transportation of modules is accompanied by a team that handles the placement and unloading of the houses. Thanks to the use of a crane, the houses are lifted off the transport vehicle and installed at the destination with great precision.

The assembly of a modular house typically takes only 1-2 days, depending on the size and complexity of the project. The client has the option to assemble the house themselves or request our company to handle the on-site assembly. Our installation team ensures high quality and precision in their work to provide you with comfort and enjoyment in your new home. All delivery and installation terms are individually negotiated and documented in the contract.


Since our company does not provide delivery services, the cost of transportation is a separate component when purchasing our product and is calculated individually based on the location of the installation site and the chosen transportation company. Our team will conduct the necessary calculations and provide you with a transparent and fair price for the delivery.

Our goal is to provide you with the best solution that meets your needs and budget. We are always ready to consult with you regarding the calculation of delivery costs and provide you with accurate information about any potential additional expenses related to the dimensions of the transported module.

Approximate shipping cost per module

from 100 km from $500

from 200 km from $1,000 – $1,200

from 500 km from $1,800 – $2,200


  1. The presence of a good and smooth road
  2. Access road of at least 4 m.
  3. There should be no low branches and wires along the route of travel at a height of 4.5 m.
  4. Turns must be smooth for an 11 m machine to turn.



  1. Reliability and stability: The foundation must ensure the stability of the modular house throughout its operating period.
  2. Conformity with soil conditions: The foundation must be calculated taking into account the characteristics of the soil at the construction site.
  3. Waterproofing: The foundation must be able to prevent moisture from penetrating from the soil into the house.
  4. Suitability for quick installation: Modular house foundation should be designed for quick and efficient installation.

Scheme under the foundation/01

Схема под фундамент из свай - Unitbud

Scheme under the foundation/02

Схема под фундамент из свай - Unitbud


Step 1

Site Preparation: The site where the modular building will be placed needs to be prepared. This includes removing obstacles and clearing the area of vegetation.

Step 2

Module Transportation: The house modules are transported to the site using specialized cargo trucks. They can be lifted by a crane or unloaded using other lifting mechanisms that allow them to be placed in position.

Step 3

Module Assembly: After the modules are delivered, they are connected together to form a complete modular home.

Step 4

Connection of Utilities: After the modules are assembled, the utilities such as water supply, sewage, electricity, and heating are connected.

Step 5

Finishing Touches: After the utilities are connected, the final touches are done, and the modular home is ready for use.


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