Modular house with their own hands

Classical construction technology, with the active use of liquid concrete mortars, is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Wherever possible, preference is given to structures made of modules. It is now possible to build a modern modular house with your own hands. In this case, the help of the company developer will be limited to the production of spans and the assembly of the structure. Unitbud is a company that would be glad to undertake the erection of a modular house according to your order.

Construction of a modular house with your own hands: What work falls on the customer's shoulders?

  1. Construction of the foundation: Building a modular house with your own hands can be done over a simple foundation, that is in the form of piles or tape. However, the use of a strip foundation is appropriate only if the base provides good ventilation of the block. The Monolith is poured rarely - only if the project is large (two or three floors on a large area) or if the soil on the site is unreliable.
  2. Bringing communications: Even if the modular house is built by third-party contractors using factory methods, the design needs to be connected to the water supply, sewerage, and electricity. All these need to be brought to the site at the time of parts delivery for assembly.

Some customers are interested in how to build a modular house from beginning to end, but in this case, the technology will deviate from the original definition. Buying a self-assembly set of spans that are originally fitted to each other in size and location of the groove-bearing connections is extremely difficult. This means that the building materials will still have to be adjusted by hand and nailed. Therefore, the best answer to the question of how to build a modular house yourself is to order it from Unitbud. In this case, the foundation work can indeed be done by your own hands, which will provide an additional cost advantage.

The construction of a prefabricated building by a ready-made project is usually carried out by developers on a turnkey basis. However, the preparation of the site is not included in the cost of the project in any case. The instructions on how to build a modular house with your own hands the following steps have to be included:

Features of modern modules

Factory-produced CIP panels provide numerous advantages, and only professional builders know how to make a modular house out of them as practical as possible. Cooperation with professionals guarantees the customer several advantages:

  • Considering the cost of building a modular house with your own hands, it is the cheapest housing option on the market.
  • The building is suitable for permanent year-round residence.
  • The service life of such construction is not less than 70 years.
  • Construction of the building from scratch will take no more than a few weeks.
  • The manufacturer is ready to make a modular house ideal for you - just select a standard project from the photos on the developer's website.
  • The key feature of modules is their high transportability: the building can be brought with you to a new place in case of a necessary move.
  • Only environmentally friendly materials are used in the production of panels.
  • The developer will make the object on a turnkey basis - it already has internal finishing and utility communications, therefore, you can move in the same day!

The company Unitbud can help you to have the house of your dreams within 3-4 weeks, without time-consuming finishing work and huge expenses. Delivery and installation are carried out in all regions of Ukraine. A new home is not a distant dream, but the reality of the near future!


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